Dipl.-Ing. Architect Ilai Arad


Born 1976 in Jerusalem

Architectural studies at the Technical University of Berlin

Beginning 2012 cooperation with Kay Zareh





Public buildings,sport centres ,educational and cultural institutions ,comissioned by the Federal Government Germany ,Regional- and local Planning Authorities .

Industrial buildings and working space

Housing, urban development and housing facilities commissioned
by comission by Communities and private investors.

Conversion and Renovation, moderniizing, and restoration of existing

building structures in collaboration of  governmental- and local authorties especially thehistorical monument departments on all levels.


Arts and design  in religiouse institutions ( synagogues, churches )

Sculptures in public spaces .

Open architectural Competitions / advisory -and preliminary studies / Preliminary investigations / feasibility study / site management


Dipl.-Ing. Architect Kay Zareh


Born in 1943 in Berlin Spandau

Architectural studies at the Technical university of Berlin .

Town and Country Planning at the Civic Design

Department of the University of Liverpool.

1972-2012 cooperation with Ruth Golan